Storytelling that Builds a Connection Between Strangers

My mother always told me that everyone has a story that is supremely important to them. If we only knew what they were thinking or going through, we’d reach out and comfort them. That act of compassion would provide us comfort as well. She was a pretty smart lady.

In Hollywood, screenwriters are always advised that each and every character has a purpose; a life of their own. Even if they only show up in one scene to support the lead characters, to the supporting players they are in the middle of their own life. Every character in every story is the lead character in their own life.

In our businesses¬†every person we come in contact with has an impact on us. I’m always dumbfounded when I hear someone say they’re self-made. None of us are; we’ve all had lots of help along the way. It’s a great reminder to truly listen the next time a client or prospect calls. They have their own agenda, their own desires. We may have a pretty good idea of what they require but if we listen very closely we can discover what they really need.

Cleveland Clinic released a video that defines great storytelling. It focuses on the connections we all to each other as human beings. If we only knew what was happening in other people’s lives perhaps we’d be more compassionate; more understanding. Not just of others but ourselves as well.

The video is a series of clips of patients, visitors, families and loved ones, doctors, nurses, hospital employees played with a quiet soundtrack that is both hopeful and emotionally touching. The message of the video comes across with text across the screen, revealing people’s situations – why they’re in the hospital. Looking at their faces while reading about their challenges hits you in the gut.

Who could I listen to just a little bit more closely today? How might that moment change everything and everyone?

Everything is Story